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Low-key Office Launches High-profile Inquiry

The Office of Special Counsel will investigate U.S. attorney firings and other political activities led by Karl Rove.

Now That's Quality Parenting

Father: Come on, hurry up, we're gonna be late!

The First Las Vegas Trip of the Year

The last time that one of my poker buddies met up with me in Las Vegas, we ended up making lots of new friends and raking in tons of cash.

Nine Other Oaths Karl Rove Could Swear

Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, but in ways that are carefully cloaked in metaphor and allegory, so they require lengthy interpretation, in a Zen sort of way, so help you Buddha?

California Enjoys Electoral Muscle

California has the potential to alter the dynamics of the primary season in ways that could resonate in the general election. 

You're goddamn right.

Help With The August Poker Report

The August Poker Report has disappeared entirely. It's just gone, almost as if it had never existed.

I've Some Information

Some men are utterly screwed up and should be avoided.

I Love Stanley Park

Nearly a month after the last of the storms, much of the park is still closed off.

Bush's Approval Rating of Other Americans Also at All-Time Low

President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

The Grand Total: 2007

I'm in a regular poker game. The guys in the poker crew are heavy hitters, and this is the record of how I've done.

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