I've Some Information

Okay, I know that lately I've been not so much with the new content. Hey, man, I'm trying, but it's just not happening. Don't ask me why, because I've no clue. I am working on the August Poker Report, but it's been slow going.

To hold you over until I actually have something done, here are two links to two articles to which I contributed, and a link to a place where one of my poems was used as an answer for somebody's question.

This first one is from an article in the 28 January 2007 edition of the Boston Globe. I kind of screwed up the parallel structure in the last sentence because it should probably say "and about his life," but most people will let that one go.

The second link is to an article in the 11 February 2007 issue of the Fresno  Bee. I was asked what I thought men might want women to know about us, and so, of course, I went for a laugh, though, looking at it now, it seems like it might actually be at least partially true.

The final link is to a Yahoo! Answers page. I'm glad that Mary L., the person who had responded to the question, had read my poem because, you know, it's always nice. She sure did bollix up the stanzas, though, because there are supposed to be four of them, but good enough.