B.M.D.'s Picks

A DJ Saved My Life Tonight

Here’s what you do: get yourself some really good speakers for your car and then crank them as high as they’ll go, get the car going really fast (it’s probably a good idea to do this only late at night, and then probably only out in the country), roll down your windows so that the wind is whipping into the car, and sing along as loudly as you can.

A Road and a Song

There's a trumpet solo, then a flute solo, then the pianist takes a turn, and the car is going faster and faster.

Metal Lesson

Do you dig the rock and roll?

Who's Loving Your Mama?

Nobody loves you like your mama loves you.
But who's loving your mama?
I am. I am.

A Lovely Song: "1 Thing"

I'll be the first to admit that there are whole areas of the world of music that I'm pretty ignorant about, mostly having to do with mash ups. It just sounded like a genre that wasn't going to do it for me. I pictured a bunch of nerds trying to out-clever each other by combining unlikely tracks into unlistenable music.

We're Like Crystal, We Break Easy

You wanted to hear Blue Monday because the speakers were doing lovely and permanent damage to your delicate hearing and the strobes were strobing and you knew the dance floor was going to fill up and it was gonna be physical and sweaty and nearly perfect.
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