B.M.D.'s Picks

Mind Games

As Gardiner further analyzed the coverage in the early days of the invasion, he saw what he believed was a pattern of misinformation being fed to the press.


"How could they have blown it?" you'll think to yourself. "They were locked in and so close to home."

This Is So Depressing

Can I get that with sprinkles?

A Funny Bit on McSweeney's

Here's the name that I'd give to a breakfast cereal: Cinnamon Eat the Bacon Instead; Either Way, You Die, with Bran

The Year in Music

I'm mostly concentrating my energies these days on my annual winter depression. This year's is going pretty well, and we're projecting that I should enter the bottommost level of despair during the first week of February.

God, I Miss College

This thing is so funny.

I Could Have Done Without the Visual

I’m going on the theory that hearing is overrated and that, one day, somebody will invent replacement eardrums; they’ll probably have them at Costco.

One Night To Be Confused

I bought this song off of iTunes yesterday, and in the first twenty-six hours that I've owned it, I’ve played it thirty-nine times. I don’t think that I’ll ever get tired of it.

Four Songs About Heartbreak

Maybe you're driving by a beautiful orange orchard, and it somehow makes you wistful. Maybe it’s late and you're the only car on a rarely used country road and it’s starting to rain and the melancholia that seems to follow you everywhere is making itself manifest.

Baby, Better Come Back, Maybe Next Week

These four songs sound great and they sound really great together but they’re going to sound even greater when winter comes around, when it’s cold and gray and dusk comes early and you're driving way too fast and thinking about all that’s flown away from you.
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