Two Poets for the Price of One: Free

Back in 1993, I was in a graduate poetry workshop, and there was this writer, Brian Turner, who brought in good poem after good poem. He went off to the University of Oregon and I headed to the University of Washington. Now, so many years later, we both have books and we're going to be doing a reading together.

I Was Interviewed

But, unaccountably, the interview is in print in the Fresno area and online everywhere as of 8 March 2006.

The Books of the 2005 National Book Critics Circle Winners and Finalists

Here's a link to a Barnes & Noble page where you can purchase the books of the winners of and the finalists for the 2005 National Book Critics Circle Awards.

I Lost

About four hours ago, Jack Gilbert won the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry for his collection, Refusing Heaven.

Poetry Foundation Interviews

A few weeks, ago, I was interviewed by the Poetry Foundation regarding my nomination for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and that interview, along with those of my fellow nominees, is up on their website as of today.

If You Get Down in Spanish

At first, she propped my book up on a table, with me in the background, trying my hardest to look both tough and poetic.

Back in Madcity

It's going to be great to see my Madison crew after having been away for almost five years.

In the Bee (but Not Literally)

Poets don't make the front page unless words like "suicide" or "murderous rampage" are involved.

I’m a Machine

8 December 2005

Not Even Close:

Check Out the Sideburns

I loved Seattle because it was Seattle, and I loved my apartment because I was a ten-minute walk from the University District.
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