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Here Comes the Flood: The April Poker Report

Sometimes, you pay out a lot of chips and it feels like your soul has been soaked in lighter fluid and then set aflame.

Let Slip the Dogs of War: The March Poker Report

It would have been better if it had been raining because there’s just something about being a passenger in a cab when it’s raining. Very Wong Kar-Wai.

It's Extra Sinful: The February Poker Report

It's not sibling rivalry if you're always getting your ass kicked.

The First Las Vegas Trip of the Year

The best part of playing poker for five straight days in Las Vegas? The second-hand smoke drifting over from the slots.

What the Hell Happened?: The January Poker Report

That was when my big bro said, "'I love you' is like relationship duct tape." So there you go, kids. If you’ve dinged up the relationship a little bit, apply the “I love you” duct tape, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Go or Don’t Go

I am a hollow man, and this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, this is the way that the world ends...

Those Penguins Are Badass

That was when I said, “You know what, who cares about those penguins? Whatever, dude.”

The Losses Are Staggering

I put my head on the table, waiting for the other players to arrive and for the world to both stop spinning and stop punching me in the brain.

The Poker Crew Takes Care of Its Business

I demand recognition for the crew.

Poker Player Deluxe

It’s a miracle that Jessie, who’s a big dude, didn’t beat Ivan into sweet unconsciousness with the chip case.
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