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The First Las Vegas Trip of the Year

The last time that one of my poker buddies met up with me in Las Vegas, we ended up making lots of new friends and raking in tons of cash.

The Grand Total: 2007

I'm in a regular poker game. The guys in the poker crew are heavy hitters, and this is the record of how I've done.

All My Waking Minutes: The July Poker Report

(Editor's Note: Yeah, this Poker Report is from events that took place five months ago, but you try living my life. Exactly. That's what I thought.)

Winter in Las Vegas: A Special Poker Report

Can I get that with extra donkey?

The Last Las Vegas Trip of the Year

But my life isn't all about shiftlessness and dissipation (only, like, ninety percent).

Shawn G. Is a Worthless Bastard

I'm not even joking.

The Bank of Me: The June Poker Report

2 June 2006

It’s a Lock: The May Poker Report

What the hell? Does no one respect the fist tap?

We'll Chill

How is the novel going? I don't want to talk about it.
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