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You Know It’s Over: The July 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: This goddamn thing only took one day to go live, and it could have been up yesterday.)

It Was Like I Looked Into His Soul: The June 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: It only took me four days to get this whore to go live on my website. I'm finally within a year of getting caught up on Poker Reports.)

2 June 2007

The Usual Struggle Between Fear and Love: The May 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: And this bad boy also took only six days to go live. Damn, I might be getting good at this, finally. And it only took a little over three years.)

The Factory Floor: The April 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: This mother only took six days to post. A new record. It’s too bad that I haven't written a word of fiction in months, but I’m trying really hard not to think about that.)

6 April 2007

Your Skin Looks Good in Moonlight: The March 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: This son of a bitch only took me about ten days to post, which is longer than it took me to post the last one, but I really feel like I'm starting to get into a rhythm.


The City Limit’s Fine: The February 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: This bastard only took me a week to post; at this rate, I'll be caught up by the end of the summer. I'm not making any promises, however, because there's a great chance that I'll only disappoint us both, and I'm tired of going around, disappointing people.)

2 February 2007

I Ain’t Really Drowning: The January 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: Okay, this time it did take me two weeks to add a new Poker Report. I apologize with great profusion.)

5 January 2007

This Is How It Ends: The December 2006 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: This time, it only took me eleven days to post this latest Poker Report. I think that we're all proud of me.)


Leave It in the Truck: The November 2006 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: Not bad. It's only ten days since I posted the last Poker Report. I think that we're all shocked. At this rate, I'll catch up in no time. Unless, you know, I don't.) 

The Magic Plates: The October 2006 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: Okay, so much for posting every two weeks until I got caught up. At least I have a partial excuse: I was on vacation for a few days. And, honestly, we all need a break once in a while.

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