Alvarez and McManus

I'm reading A. Alvarez's The Biggest Game in Town, a book
the 1981 World Series of Poker, and I ran across a quote by Bobby
Baldwin, where he says, "When some of the guys take a big loss, they
sleep like a baby in a different way: they sleep an hour and cry an
hour, sleep an hour and cry an hour." This quote is on page fifty-five
of the paperback Chronicle Books edition, and it struck me that I had
seen a similar line in the book
I'd finished just a few days before, James McManus's Positively Fifth Street,
a book about the 2001 World Series of Poker. In McManus's book, which I gave away to one of my poker
buddies the day after I finished it, McManus, after losing at the final
table, goes to bed and "sleeps for an hour and cries for an hour and
sleeps..." That quote's inexact, but you see my concern. Was
anybody else who read these two books unnerved about this similar
phrase showing up describing similar circumstances in similar books? I don't
know, is this sleeping-then-crying-then-sleeping-etc. a common
ccurrence after getting crushed at a table?