The West Coast Museum Tour

I will be travelling this summer. There will be driving and staying in hotels (the cheaper, the better) and going into museums and looking at the art contained within the museums and then thinking about the art and then going to the next museum. The trip will start in San Diego, California (a six-hour trip from where I live) and end in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I'll be stopping at as many art museums as I can. The itinerary is still being worked out, especially the Bay Area section, but I don't figure to make too many changes. I do want to get the list down to only the "must sees," so let me know what I can/should skip. Does anybody know the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento? It's the one that's closest to dropping off the list.

Speaking of the list, here it is:

West Coast Museum Tour

California Museums

San Diego Area:
San Diego/Balboa Park: San Diego Museum Of Art
San Diego/Balboa Park: Museum of Photographic Arts
San Diego/Balboa Park Timken Museum of Art (maybe)
San Diego/La Jolla: Museum of Contemporary Art

Los Angeles Area:
Los Angeles: Armand Hammer Museum of Art at UCLA
Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art
Pasadena: Norton Simon Museum
Santa Monica: Santa Monica Museum of Art (maybe)

Bay Area:
Berkeley: Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive at U.C. Berkeley
San Francisco: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) 
San Jose: San Jose Museum of Art

Northern California:
Sacramento: Crocker Art Museum

Oregon Museums
Eugene: University of Oregon Museum of Art
Portland: Portland Art Museum

Washington Museums
Seattle: Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington
Seattle: Wing Luke Asian Art Museum
Seattle: Seattle Art Museum
Seattle: Frye Art Museum (maybe)
Tacoma: Tacoma Art Museum (maybe)

British Columbia Museums
Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver: University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology (maybe)

There are twenty-four museums on the list, which is about five too many. Some of these museums are "maybes." Please, somebody, tell me that the Crocker isn't worth going to.