The First Post

Let's be honest: everybody has a blog now. There's no real reason to have to read another one. There's hardly a reason to be writing one. I am. Why? Because there's a niche to fill. Since nobody's chosen to write about me, I guess that I'll have to pick up the slack. Lazy-ass America. 

If it were possible to contract out the work—they're doing some nice stuff in India nowadays, and I could low-ball the hell out of some young guy and get an obscenely good deal—then I would. But, really, I'm barely interested in my own life, and I'm sure that my ghostwriter would be bored to tears.

Okay, you've probably noticed the four sad little jokes in the preceding paragraphs. (What? Four? There were four?) Yes, there were four. I'm going to admit now that I have a need to try to be funny. In fact, I think I'm funny as hell. Maybe you'll think so, too. We'll see.

Oh, yeah, I'm also trying to move product. Look over to the right. You might also have to scroll down a little bit. See where it says My Book? See that little rectangle below it, the one with the lovely picture of a peach orchard? That's the cover of my book. I don't want to brag, but it's probably the best book that I've ever written. It is also, sadly, the only book that I've ever written. Click on it and order my book. Order a dozen. That's what a good person would do.