South Carolina Sounds Like a Great Place

Quite clearly, Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina is not the brightest guy, especially since he waited to yell his "You lie!" bit until right after President Obama had made an assertion that no one can say is not true. Really, just about every media outlet has stated that has stated that President Obama was, in fact, not lying.

And it's not a truth of which I am a fan. It's not an unsound argument to assert that insuring illegal immigrants nets out as a money saver for the United States. But I get that President Obama, who, I'll be honest, has already let me down way more often than I ever thought that he ever would, is not going to go anywhere near helping illegal immigrants (even if it helps the United States even more) if it's not politically advantageous to do so (even if he has to know that, beyond being the fiscally correct thing to do, it is also the morally correct thing to do). But, like I said, I get it; he's not going to risk anything for the sake of a bunch of beaners. (Calm down: I'm being an ironic/mildly heart-broken Chicano.)

Maybe Representative Wilson had been patiently waiting until President Obama had uttered any words that were race-related, words like "illegal immigrants" and "here illegally," and then just let it flow, knowing that his constituents back home, constituents who had kept Strom Thurmond, not the world's biggest fan of African-Americans (unless, you know, she was an underage maid), in office since just after The Reconstruction, would be completely and utterly thrilled with him yelling at, and I'm sorry if this strikes you as coarse, a black man, even if that black man is a guest of the Congress, even if that black man just happens to be the President of your nation.