The 14 September 2007 Poker Report Addendum

(Editor’s Note, 27 June 2008: Below, you will find an addendum to the September 2007 Poker Report, along with a probably too-long explanation of why it wasn't originally included in the first place. What follows has also been included in the original September 2007 Poker Report, in case you want to see it in context.

There's some funny stuff here, along with some stuff that might make you weep, depending on the strength of your relationship to your TiVo. Also, there wil be a quick mention of nut action.)



(Editor’s Note, 18 June 2008: Okay, this is embarrassing. It turns out that I did have more notes than just the ones that I had used to write the above section of the September 2007 Poker Report.

Apparently, I just never got to rough drafting from the second half of the first page of notes or at all from the second and third pages of notes, even though I had fully intended to draft from them at some point. Those pages sat on a shelf at the factory from 14 September 2007 all the way through the first part of June of 2008, and some point never came. Then I took those notes to my place and taped them to a wall in front of my letter desk, thinking that they were notes for one of the October 2007 games.

At some point, I must have drafted from the first page of notes, gotten busy with the million things to do on the factory floor, and never finished drafting. Then I put the notes away. As the factory was closing up for the summer, I e-mailed whatever drafts I had completed to my editor’s place [since I’m my own editor, that would be my place] and took the rest of the notes home, thinking that I’d work on them in the following weeks.

When I saw how little that I had written for the 14 September 2007 section, I had just assumed that I had done a lousy job of taking notes at the conclusion of that night’s game. I felt bad, but there was nothing to do except finish a final draft of the September 2007 Poker Report and move on.

But I've been at the nine-week summer place for two weeks, writing like mad, and, about a week ago, I was ready to start final drafting the October 2007 Poker Report when I realized that, like a nitwit, I had left some October 2007 notes taped to the wall at my other place.

To the other place I drive this past Sunday, retrieve those notes, tape them to the wall here at my summer place this past Monday, and, just a few minutes ago, realize that those supposed October notes are actually the missing 14 September 2007 notes.

[I don’t know, was the above at all interesting? I thought that it was important to record what had happened, and it was sure fun to write. I really like writing.]

So, below, you will find the missing sections of what should originally have been in the September 2007 Poker Report.)

(Editor’s Note on the 18 June 2008 Editor’s Note, 26 June 2008: Okay, I wrote the above explanation, thinking that I’d have that revised section up in no time, but then I finished writing and revising a six-thousand-word story [which is either a rather brilliant game changer {in terms of the world of contemporary fiction} or an incredibly serious misfire; time will tell], took a three-day trip to Santa Barbara [which was pretty nice, except for the sunburn], and just this afternoon finished a quite thorough revision (essentially, a rewrite) of a nearly twelve-thousand-word story that I had thought was finished [and pretty damned good, if I may be the one to say]. but that, upon further review, was just this side of embarrassing in general and mean-spirited to one character in particular.

But, like I said, those stories are done, and I’m going to dedicate the next couple of days to fixing the September 2007 Poker Report and to finishing the October 2007 Poker Report.)

The 14 September 2007 Poker Report Addendum:

It Was a Delight: Bert’s special lady makes some great chicken salad, which completely outclassed my burritos. The salad was rich, thanks to that miracle product—mayonnaise (for laughs, do a search on mayo sticks on my website for a truly avant-garde recipe of my own invention)—and so flavorful, thanks to the lovely chicken pieces and the vegetables (most of which, thanks to my general vegetable aversion [part of my general aversion to sensible living], I failed to recognize. I’d say onion, probably, but there was other stuff in there).

I would have eaten that salad off of the poker table or out of a cut-open Pepsi can, it was so good.

But not only was there chicken salad, there was also Wonder Bread. I’m not going to lie, I was excited by the bread, too. I grew up poor, and we didn’t eat the deluxe bread. We got the generic store brand: Sunnyside. I’m not going to make fun of that bread, because I ate it for most of my young life, but it certainly wasn’t one of your finer grocery-stocked breads.

So now I've got this tasty-ass chicken salad and this deluxe bread in front of me. I’m about as far as you can be from believing in a soul, but there was something in me that was deeply moved by what was about to go down between me and the chicken salad and the bread.

KayJay: After last week’s $1,235 buy-in total for nine players, there was bound to be a slow down because some people had gotten brutalized and they may have wanted to take a break, but it looked for a while like the slowdown was going to be so big that we might be shorthanded.

Then KayJay showed up. In general, he’s a pain, entirely, but he’s much, much worse at a poker table.

(Editor’s Note: How much of a pain is KayJay? A few days ago, I got a congratulatory e-mail for how well I had put up with him at last week’s game.)

True to his nature, he was in full and glorious KayJay mode, and, as the official game runner and as a person who just can’t stand discourtesy, I wanted to tell him some stuff in a pointed and condemnatory manner. But I kept hearing the voice of Bert, who a while ago told me that I needed to chill out in my interactions with KayJay, so chill out I did.

But there’s only so much that I can let slide. Almost immediately, KayJay called one of the most respected players at our game a bitch, and I had to tell him to be cool. After a while, he did calm down, probably due to the fact that, after another annoying KayJay comment, I turned to Jesse and said that I didn’t see how he could put up with KayJay at their work.

When’s the Divorce?: Like I said, KayJay had made his presence felt last week and again tonight. Last week was the first time that we had seen him in months, but then he plays two in a row?

That’s usually a sign. A sign of what? Lady trouble, my man, lady trouble. That was when I said, “When’s the divorce?” All of a sudden, it’s possible to get out of the house when for years you spent your days and night handcuffed to a wall? Never a good sign.

And then Jesse told us about a great human tragedy that I can’t believe that he survived. His special lady had erased his World Series of Poker Omaha episodes from the TiVo. Jesse is an Omaha master, and part of that probably has to do with his careful study of those TiVoed episodes.

After the shock had worn off, I joked that his special lady had held them hostage in order to get Jesse to do some work around the house. Mow the lawn, or those shows are gone.

I guess that he didn’t mow the lawn.

(Editor’s Note, 27 June 2008: And that, faithful readers, is what the above two Editor’s Notes set up. Was it worth it? I don’t know. Probably not. The problem is that my head is full of language, and that I’m also a bit of a completist.)