The Interloper

Great news. Antoine Wilson, a guy that I got to be buddies with while we were both living in Wisconsin, has just had his first book come out. Antoine was the first person to see most of the poems that I wrote while I lived in Madison, and he and I used to go to the Blue Plate Diner all the time and talk about writing. He's a great guy, and I'm sure his book is great, too.


I went to Madera High with you, and I knew Antoine as a child, my mother worked for his father, an orthopedic surgeon there in Madera. The world is a very small place, and realizing the connection you two have from Wisconsin is incredible. I lived for 3 years in Beaver Dam, WI (just an hour north of Madison, you may have heard of the little town) just moving back to CA last summer. Anyway, I ordered both yours and Antoine's books from Amazon, they just arrived today. Yours being the shortest read of the two, I absolutely devoured your poetry, and closed the book with tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. Your poetry is absolutely visual and heartwrenching. Tonight I am going to start on Antoine's book, I have heard nothing but good about it so far!

~Molly Ryan
(MHS class of '89)

D Street?

When I broke my arm in the sixth grade, Antoine's father was the doctor who straightened it out. I remember going to the little office over there by the old movie theater to finally have my cast cut off with that vibrating disc thing that scared the hell out of me. God, that was forever ago.

A Street

I spoke with my mom, and his little office was on A Street, she worked for him from 1979-1982, until he left the practice and a Dr. Greene took over. She was probably the one to cut your cast off :) Definitely a small world :)

~Molly Ryan