We Have a Winner

Okay, nobody got close. The poem's about taking a picture of a friend by a lake before she moves away.

I thought that words like "contrast," "light," "angle," "profile," "line," and "capture" would give it away, but then there were words like "beauty," "sweater," "breathlessness," and "lost" that sent people off in many different directions, mostly toward the romantic, and in one case, the vaguely dirty.

Still, the guess that I liked the best, because it was the most flattering, was Javier O. Huerta's guess. He wrote that it was about "mythical love in the modern world." I wish, because, dude, that sounds awesome. Also, the rest of his post is just beautiful to read, and that's got to be worth something.

So, Javier, send me an e-mail through the "Contact Us" feature on my website, and I'll send you your autographed copy.