"Ups" to Taiwan

Okay, I have no idea what an article about the Fresno poetry scene is doing in a Taiwanese newspaper. The only words that I recognize are those in Phil's name, my name, and the little copyright notice at the bottom.

Here's where I would make some dumb-ass joke, but I'm blanking. I'm just glad that Fresno poetry and my book both got some heat in Taiwan. "Ups" to Taiwan.

Chen from Taiwan

The Fresno poetry scene was done by a local writer Miss Lo to introduce both Phil's and Blas Manuel are grateful to your hometown and countryside for poetry. She said Phil used to sit on the grass (in picture) to read his poetry to trees and wooded mountain as well as Blas Manuel expressed his poetry prosperously grows along with grape's seed. She said Blas Manuel, working at farm along with the family member as a child, had been apprenticed himself to Phil in California University, and he now composes poems very handy as like to crop fruit.



thanks for taking the time to translate the article. I'm digging Taiwan more and more.