An Interview in the Boxcar Poetry Review

Eduardo Corral, a poet and all-around funny guy, interviewed me via e-mail a few weeks ago, and the interview's finally online.

I look all hardcore in the accompanying picture because my new thing is to try to look hardcore at all times, even when I'm having a good time. In fact, at my big bro's birthday party a few weeks ago, a friend of ours wanted to take my big bro's and my picture, but I had him wait until I could stop laughing and "thug up."

My favorite part of the interview? The goatee discussion.

ruggish thuggish

oh, sweet interview.
when can we expect that moon poem then?
and yes, the photo is all (in the timeless phrasing of those lyrical masterminds Bone Thugs n' Harmony) "ruggish-thuggish-bone." word.

The Rap Game

K. Yale of the Madison Yales,

I didn't know that you were down with the rap game.

That photo of me could have been even more thugged out if I hadn't been wearing a v-neck over a turtleneck. It's like I never left Wisconsin.

What're the summer plans?