If You Get Down in Spanish

So I was interviewed last Friday by Vida en el Valle, and it went pretty well, even if it was a little strange. The whole time that I was answering questions from the reporter, the photographer had me striking various poses with my book. At first, she propped my book up on a table, with me in the background, trying my hardest to look both tough and poetic. Okay, I thought, that's going to look cool, but then she wanted...other poses. Like me propping my chin on the book. Like me holding the book out in front of me. Like me lovingly holding the book against my chest. I tried to be a good sport, so I just went with it. At least she didn't have me licking the cover or caressing the book in an erotic and tragically embarrassing manner.

The interview should be available in print in the Fresno area and online on Wednesday, so you can see which composition they chose to go along with the story. Please don't be the one where I'm...never mind.

Oh yeah, if you don't get down in Spanish, here's the link to the English version of their website.

I Could Not Be More Embarrassed

Yeah, if you tried to find the story about me in last Wednesday's Vida en el Valle, you were out of luck. That's the day that I had been told to look for the article, but, somehow, it didn't go down. Sorry.