Check Out the Sideburns

My publisher, Carnegie Mellon University Press, put out a press release a few days ago about my book and related stuff. Cool.

The picture they used for the press release brings back all kinds of memories. That picture was taken in the fall of 1997, after I had finished grad school, and I was still living in Seattle, though I moved away by June of the following year. I loved Seattle because it was Seattle, and I loved my apartment because I was a ten-minute walk from the University District, where I could go to drink coffee and to get some lunch. It was a great life, while it lasted.

So I saw this picture and I got all nostalgic for my former places and my former life, but for what was I most nostalgic? My killer-ass sideburns. Those are the kinds of sideburns, all the way to the jawline, that you can only grow in grad school, or in prison, probably. I think that I'm going to try to grow them back over the summer. It will be like a little project.