You Know How We Roll: A Special Poker Bulletin

Check it out, beautiful babies, I just got off of my cellie with my big bro, who called to let me know that he just finished playing in a twenty-two person, forty-dollar buy-in no-limit poker tournament...and that he won the whole goddamn thing, taking down the $350 first-place money. These were nearly all guys with whom my big bro hadn't before played, but he took care of his business, son, holding it down for both the De Luna family name and for the poker crew. When we start it, we don't stop 'til it's done.

Not only that, but my big bro was the big winner at our regular Friday-night game, winning $131, so, in two days, he made nearly $500. For the year, we De Luna boys are up almost $1,500. I'm so proud of my big bro right now. Recognize.