Re-Screw Los Angeles

I'm supposed to be in Los Angeles right now (read Unscrew Los Angeles for a complete explanation), checking out some lovely art, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Almost as soon as I got to Las Vegas (I killed at the poker tables: +$226), I knew that I couldn't go through with driving to Los Angeles and having to deal with the traffic and the smog and the wastelandy vibe that it gives off, or at least that it gives off to me. Bad vibes, man, bad vibes. A joke: What's the best part of Los Angeles? The day it falls into the sea. That just came to me, and I don't really mean it; sorry; just a joke, and I couldn't let it go. I thought about going to San Diego instead, but I had only printed out driving directions and museum information for the Los Angeles area, which meant that I had made a trip into San Diego logistically impossible. On Friday, as I was driving out of Las Vegas, I almost forced myself to go to Los Angeles. There I was on I-15 South, heading toward the 58 West that cuts through Mojave and takes you north of Los Angeles. If I take the 58, Los Angeles is re-screwed. If I go past the 58, I'll merge onto the I-10 West in a little over an hour. I had all the Los Angeles maps and museum info in my computer case on the passenger seat, and I told myself that I should just go to Los Angeles, but at that point I would only have been forcing myself to go there because it had been part of the original plan, and I didn't want to make my museum going feel like a chore. I'll get to those museums eventually, probably next summer.