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My website's a little off lately. By lately, I mean going on over a year now. There's probably a way to fix the problems, but I'm out of my depth as to how.

Alphonse Daudet

Words only come when everything is over, when things have calmed down. They refer only to memory, and are either powerless or untruthful.
—Alphonse Daudet

Francis Bacon

You have to abbreviate into intensity.

—Francis Bacon 

The Grand Total: 2008

I've been in a knife fight of a poker game for a little over four years with some guys who are heavy hitters, and this is the record of how I've done.

The Year in Music: 2008

This year, I hardly downloaded any music from iTunes at all. Life, you know. I could just never find the time or the energy to explore iTunes like I had in years previous. I love music more than just about everything else, so I’m deeply saddened about all of the songs that I never got to hear. Hopefully, in 2009 I’ll be able get onto iTunes on a more regular basis.

It Would Surely Be the End of Me: The March 2008 Poker Report

(Editor's Note: Admittedly, this son of bitch is going live a little over three months after the last Poker Report. You’ve got no clue as to how much static I've gotten from various people about how long it’s taken me to post new material on my little website. Hey, man, I’ll trade you lives. I didn’t think so.

That Which I Love

There’s not much in the world that I love. It seems like it’s basically a 24/7 disappointment machine. But it’s the things that you do manage to love that make the world bearable.

Unintelligible Stuff from 1:31 to 2:03: The February 2008 Poker Report

(Editor's Note: This bollocks is going live days after the last Poker Report. I tried to rush it because we’re about to hit the busy season down at the factory, and there’s no telling when I’ll again have the time or the energy to write and/or post on a regular basis.)

1 February 2008

Your Messed Up Life Still Thrills Me: The January 2008 Poker Report

(Editor's Note: This prat is going live almost two weeks after the last Poker Report. My only excuse is that I was traveling again. I would also try to blame a hot stretch of fiction writing for keeping me away from finishing this Poker Report, but I haven't written a word of fiction in weeks.)

4 January 2008

You Tell Me That You Haven't Slept in Days: The December 2007 Poker Report

(Editor’s Note: This mother is going live exactly two weeks after the last Poker Report, which, admittedly, is longer than it’s been taking me to post this summer.
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