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George Orwell

Any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.

—George Orwell


Simon Schama

The divine lives within the husk of mortal things.

—Simon Schama

My New Theme Song

The Distance Between Rhetoric and Actions

You keep waiting for that person for whom you voted to emerge, but then you start to realize that he's not, that he's just not.

He's done the math, and he's figured out the safest path.

Bruce Springsteen

It's embarrassing to want so much, and to expect so much from music, except sometimes it happens.

—Bruce Springsteen

South Carolina Sounds Like a Great Place

Oh, The Mortification

I think that we can all agree that California is the best state in America. If California and the United States were to break up, the United States would cry itself to sleep, wondering where it all went wrong, while California would immediately be out being courted by one of your few remaining desirable nations.

Madison, Wisconsin

I spent one of the best years of my life living in Madison.

2009 Road Trip Mix, Version 2

I’m in Canada right now (British Columbia to be more specific, [Whistler Village to be even more specific {the Mountainside Lodge to be most specific of all}]), after having spent 5 ½ days trying to get some writing done. How’d it go? Like it usually goes: not well.

Are Canadians Racist?, Version 2

So I'm crossing the Canadian border just north of Blaine, Washington, in my silvery and lovely Civic. Nearly every time I cross over, I get hassled.

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