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Unscrew Los Angeles

A joke: What's the best part of Los Angeles? The freeways out of it. Snap! I just made that up; feel free to work it into conversation.

A Bitch of a Week, Pokerwise/Seriously, I Never Learn

What happened, transpired, went down? There’s no gentle way to say this: my big bro beat the fuck out of me, almost as if we were little kids again and I had pissed him off.

I Give Up

So now, on top of walking around with a general feeling of failure, I also have to walk around with a specific feeling of failure because I can't even manage running my own website. Great.

Okay, I Lied

Damn it, I can't get the mail thing to work correctly. Sorry if you've been trying.

Contact Us, If You So Desire

Originally, only registered users were going to be able to leave comments on the various blogs or contact us via e-mail, you know, to keep the hoods and/or thugs from leaving lame stuff here or in my e-mail.

The Onion Just Kicked My Ass

Rock and roll, fuckers.

There Is a Review, and It Is Good

I started this site to whore my book.

The Grand Total: 2005

Books Fail Me Yet Again

It’s pretty clear: all my fancy poker learnin’ isn’t doing it anymore. No matter what techniques and strategies I use, I’m not winning the big pots like I used to. It’s time to put the books away. New poker strategy? Get them drunk.

A Book From Brooklyn

I'm down with small presses and I'm really down with Brooklyn.
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