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In Shakespeare's London

We are not so good at developing great writers, it is true, but why is this?

Mark Costello

You can't be anything but contemptible living for yourself.
—Mark Costello

John Cameron Mitchell

I see it all around me, but it stops at my skin.

—James, Shortbus 

Paul Éluard

There is another world, but it is in this one.

—Paul Éluard

Elvin Jones

You can get religion in a bar or a jazz club as much as you can in a church.

—Elvin Jones

Keith Richards

Kay Ryan

It isn't ever
to live.
—Kay Ryan, "Spiderweb"

Bacon Explosion

This isn't for everyone, clearly. And I get why it wouldn't be, but this looks incredible.

It's About Time

For too long, those of us on the left have refused to engage in politics as the rightists do: free of conscience and dead-heartedly. Maybe it's just because we're good people or because we're a tad squeamish or, less generously, because we're just not any good at it


Draw, Antonio, draw, Antonio, draw and do not waste time.

—Michelangelo, in a note to his apprentice

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