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All Too Quiet

Where were the doctors and nurses at Abu Ghraib, Qaim, Bagram, and the other islands of the United States prison archipelago abroad when prisoners were being beaten, suspended, and degraded?

Let Slip the Dogs of War: The March Poker Report

It would have been better if it had been raining because there’s just something about being a passenger in a cab when it’s raining. Very Wong Kar-Wai.

The Misunderestimated Man

How Bush chose stupidity.

Fun at the AWP Conference

Can I use your car to run these forged checks to the bank? Uh, okay.

Probably the Last Newspaper Articles for a While

You're not deluded about life if you grow up working in the fields.

My New Theme Song

I was also going to spend two weeks in a brutal, bloody knife fight with my unfinished novel. Either I was going to kill it, or it was going to kill me. Either way, it’d be over.

I've a Haiku

Goddamn, my eyes burn.

The World's Unfunniest Joke

That was when, completely deadpan, I said, "I care not at all about children."

A Valley Where Poems Grow Like Weeds

“This place is very dramatic and uncompromising and vast,” the Pulitzer Prize winner said. “When you sit down to write, you think: 'I want to write large to measure up to this.'”

Poem of the Week: Seven of the Eight Parts of Speech

Adverbs: none; adverbs are for losers and cowards
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