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Barrett Strong

Songs outlive people.
—Barrett Strong

The Origins of the Arts

The beginnings of the creative arts as they are practiced today may stay forever hidden.

James Carville

Outside of a person’s love, the most sacred thing that they can give is their labor.

—James Carville

2008 Seems Like Forever Ago

The Right Side of History

The states where I've lived: Wisconsin, Washington, and California. Not great, but not too bad. Also, I was going to point out how bad certain areas of our country look, but I don't want to upset anyone.

The Operation of the Machine

This is what happens now, even in California.


The Mexican American Poetry Movement in Fresno

On 22 October 2011, I'll be participating in a reading/discussion at the Gillis Branch Library in Fresno, California.

Carrie Brownstein

Over the years, music put a weapon in my hand and words in my mouth. It backed me up and shielded me; it shook me and scared me and showed me the way. Music opened me up to living and being and feeling.

—Carrie Brownstein

Daniel Roth

Everything is failing all the time; it’s just a matter of how quickly and how devastatingly.

—Daniel Roth

Kim Addonizio

And if you're reading this, it's been years
since then, and everything's too late
the way it always is in songs like this,
the way it always is.
—Kim Addonizio, "What Was"

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